Dinner and Drinks with A & I

I treated myself to a cut and style with Rodeo today since I’ve been feeling so stressed out. He really brightened my day with his outrageous observations and hilarious jokes. All I needed was a reflexology foot massage by Ewbliette!

On the way home, I dropped by the store to pick  up goodies to bring over to the housewarming party A & I would have tonight. I felt very pretty.

“A” was the best man at our wedding a zillion years ago and “I” is his Russian girlfriend of six years. They moved to an upscale apartment complex at the end of last month and have been lavishing attention on their new home by way of new furniture and linens.

Their place was tastefully decorated in a sleek, modern style. Although “I” would cringe at my description, it looked very Ikea to me (she considers Ikea to be “too middle class”). I like their style very much, and I’m not ashamed to be an Ikea patron. Heck, if it looks cool, I’ll buy it at Target, K-Mart or Walmart.  I save my money for books!

Anyway…I loved their apartment and classy furniture. “I” fixed us a simple but delicious meal and served it on elegant tableware. We relaxed with drinks afterward, while “A” showed us a scrapbook he had made to celebrate the years he and “I” have had together. I was truly impressed with the effort he put into the project. I was initially under the impression that all of the intricate cut-outs and decals were made on his computer and hand etched by him until he explained that he bought them at Hobby Lobby. On the way home that night, Tennisfiend observed that if they had a child, they would have little time for such pursuits. We laughed the way many parents before us have laughed at those without children (or dogs!).

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