>Happy Birthday Patricia


Ewbliette you are the epitome a best friend! I couldn’t have made it through my pregnancy without you!

Top Ten Reasons Why You Are The Best Friend Ever:
  1. You’re super generous. You pick up the neatest little gifts, “just because.” Funky souvenirs, cool rocks, comfy t-shirts, yummy candy, trashy mags, squooshy pillows—you’re the best!
  2. You’re always reliable. Whether I needed you to stop by the store to buy my hubby bananas or to take my early morning “I think I’m having my baby!” phone calls, you were always available.
  3. You’ve got the sturdiest vocal cords. Thousands of years from now, aliens in distant galaxies will be receiving soundwaves of you (loudly!) coaching me: “One, two, three, PUSH! Four, five, six, PUSH! Seven, eight, nine, PUSH! Ten. Cleansing breath…”
  4. You give the best pedicures. When my belly was too big for me to bend over and paint my toenails, you rescued me with your first class fancy pedicures and reflexology sessions.
  5. You’re quick thinking. When I almost collapsed at the hospital with shooting leg pains, you whisked that computer chair under my butt in an instant. The ride to the bathroom was fun, too…
  6. You’re tough as nails. I’ve sent a number of frantic and panicked phone calls your way—you handled each and every one of them with aplomb, including the “My feet are fantastically swollen, I must be dying!” incident that took you away from your work duties.
  7. You’re super thoughtful. I remember you calling me make sure I was okay before you treated yourself to a beer. I also thought it was really kind of you to drive me around aimlessly in your air conditioned car during the hottest days of summer.
  8. You are an awesome note-taker. Kudos to you for the copious notes you took during our childbirth classes and doctor’s appointments. You saved my sanity when all I heard was the bad stuff!
  9. You’re hilarious! Two words: “camel toenails.”
  10. You’re a good listener. Thank you for putting up with my manias and endless ramblings, whether or not I’m pregnant. You always take the time to hear me out and offer sensitive support or a much needed reality check.
Have A Happy Birthday!

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