>Day From Hell, Really!


Today was the day from hell. Despite a night of little sleep due to breast pain, I woke up at my usual 2:00 am to take Tyoma for the remainder of the night. Twenty minutes into my shift I began to feel very unwell and achy–still no fever. Alarmed, I woke up Tennisfiend to finish my shift. I felt terrible. At dawn I’d call Gretta Granola for an appointment. I’d also reschedule Tyoma’s two month shots today since Tennisfiend did not want to miss work to take him. Dr.Coppola would not reschedule me and  Gretta said she’s see me at 2:00.

I managed to make Tyoma’s appointment with TF in attendance. We were stuck watching a video on immunizations and I had to ask the nurse to skip it so we could make my 2:00 appointment with Gretta. It was a bit of a last minute circus, since tyoma was fussy/crying after his shots and TF wanted to take him straight home and I needed to go straight to my appointment since I was miserable. I wound up meeting Momfiend in the parking lot. We raced across town to dash into the doctor’s office at 2:01, only to find that Gretta had called, she was delayed in traffic.

When I showed her my poor swollen breast, she gasped and called the doctor who immediately wrote me a prescription for strong antibiotics and a slip for an ultrasound at the hospital (the ultrasound will rule out a condition called a galactocele). I also received a prescription for yet  another breast ointment, and the doctor dismissed my primary’s concerns over being allergic to Tyoma’s saliva.  When I went to the hospital for my ultrasound, I spent an hour struggling with the medical staff over scheduling concerns. Apparently, one simply  doesn’t request a walk in for a breast ultrasound. After much aggravation and four phone calls to the doctor’s office, they scheduled me for an appointment first thing tomorrow–much better that late Wednesday afternoon!

I’ve spend the balance of the afternoon distracting myself on google, looking up “galactocele,” and preying that I don’t have to go in for surgery to have my breast drained. The idea of surgery horrifies me, especially since I squick out easily. I’d have to hire someone to care for my healing wound, I swear! Fortunately, surgery is uncommon, and I haven’t had a fever so maybe it will go away with antibiotics.  I do curse myself for not calling Gretta on Friday, I really thought that this would go away with heating pads and massage.

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