Garden Despair

Early this morning, I stepped into the backyard for the first time in many weeks. Part of my absence has been due to Liev, but also, we are infested with mosquitoes. West Nile lurks in southern New Mexico, so I’ve been extra cautious, not wanting to be a statistic filling airtime on CNN.

No mosquitoes this morning. Instead, I could see big white clouds of my breath! Whoa. Just last week, I wore shorts and blasted the AC. Now it’s sweater time. My poor, neglected garden. Survivors of my birthday planting looked blighted and misshapen. Weeds overtook most of my flower beds. Unkempt ornamental grasses swallowed their delicate neighbors. Depressing.

On the bright side, our new gravel was immaculate—free of weeds and raked lovingly by in the finest karesansui fashion. The koi pond, filled with mosquito fattened fish, sparkled crystal clear. Our pool rests tidy and clean under its recently installed solar blanket. And finally, our new porch, recently scrubbed by Egor, glistened with dew. Sheesh. Am I off base feeling that all this order is incongruous next to my wretched garden? Humph. I plan to find some mosquito netting for the stroller and get caught up on my work before the first frost.


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