Catching up with my BFF

It has been too long since we last chatted! And it’s all my fault! I was out shopping for Tanya on Sunday since I spent all Saturday at home/having my hair done. So here’s what’s been going on:

Tyoma is growing like a weed! I can’t wait to have you over to take a peek at him. I plan to take some pics soon, Lord knows when that will actually materialize. He’s been healthy and non-colicky. We did have a little problem with acid reflux (!), especially as a result of me drinking too much cranberry juice. I thought that I had a bladder infection, but alas, Lisa told me that it was normal bladder stuff after the epidural. It could take up to six months for my bladder to return to normal. At least I’m not pissing my pants anymore (well, I’m not pissing them as much).

Speaking of my six week appointment, I’ve got some over-healing skin tags that might need to be burned off.  Geeze, that sucks. I’m waiting to see if the over-healed parts will resolve themselves.  Other appointment stuff is boring, except I still have that damn thrush, so I’m hooked up to the breast pump every three hours. How shitty. I’ve been on a month plus of anti-fungals plus my diet is almost carb free except for oatmeal. I never thought I’d get so sick of cheese and meat. Sigh.

Mimi and I are getting along swell, she’s been babysitting for me on Wednesdays while I shop. Since Tanya will be here this Friday, she was here three times last week. It went really well, she’s super sweet and entertains Tyoma tremendously. She and Walt have been keeping Misty on and off, too. Misty will be bummed to return here–she just doesn’t get the same loveys. This weekend we’re leaving Misty at their place till Tanya gets settled.

Saturday  Robert did my hair and he suggested lowlites and bangs for me. Holy crap, I took a chance and WOW! I look different! E was going to snap a pic for me to show you, but we got way too busy and we forgot. I really like the new look, I hope the hair color stays true. Since my hair darkened so much with the pregnancy, my highlights have an orangish cast. Robert said that he’d fix it for me but I didn’t want to overprocess my hair. Let’s see what I say in two weeks.

I am really looking forward to Nukestock, though my breasfeeding needs may curtain my presence, either that or maybe Brotherkurt could let me pump in his private bathroom so I can stay for a longer time. I have NO clue for a costume, though Robert made some great suggestions. He suggested that I bring Tyoma by for a quick “How do you do” and that we come in a matching costume. His idea was a Popeye-Olive Oyl-Sweetpea triad. How cute! And how sooo not happening. He aslo suggested Angelina Jolie & Shilo, Little bo Peep and Sheep, and Little Miss Muffet and Spider. As if. Heh, I do admire his creativity. I am all out of creative thought!

Well, girl, I do miss you terribly and hope you have a second to tell me what’s up with you. For now this post is for your eyes only, so feel free to post whatever. Hope to hear from you soon!

Much love,


Well, its four something and I am unwinding for my upcoming three-four hours of sleep. It’s great to hear that you’ll be home early tomorrow and Wednesday. I’ve got an appointment for an annual physical with my old physician, Dr. Bass. I haven’t had a physical in forever. I’m going primarily so I can get a flu shot this year, that and I have a funny mole on my tummy. Anyway, borrr-ring! I’ll check in later tonight since I’m up every three hours to do the breast feeding/pumping thing. How are you? And Brotherkurt? and Daddy? Work? What have you decided on for Nukestock costumes? Hot gossip? You rock!!!

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