Newborn Pics

The first pictures of Artyom(A.K.A Tyoma, Malootka! Russian tradition/superstition dictates that no one but immediate family can see a newborn baby until forty days after the birth (some Russians hold out for two months!).

This restriction surprisingly applies to photographs also, as we found out from Artyom’s great grandmother Lydia (who was quite concerned about it). So, the only souls to have seen the baby (aside from medical staff) are us (duh), his maternal grandparents, and his Godmother . So, at long last I unveil his “Home From The Hospital” photos:

Artyom AlexanderWe arrived home from the hospital around 8:00 p.m., with plenty of help from Ewbliette, who schlepped our birthing expedition gear. It must have taken me twenty minutes to gingerly climb out of the back seat of my truck, even with ‘s help! My bottom was unbelievably sore! Anyway, two hours later, we snapped shots of Tyoma to send to his family in Russia. Unfortunately, our sleep deprived state resulted in thirty shots that were all a touch too dark.

Tyoma-i-PapaPoor Tennisfiend looks absolutely wiped! He slept less than seven hours in the past three days. Part of the sleep deprivation came from caring for Tyoma while I spent an extra few days in the hospital. He changed diapers, rocked the baby, brought the baby to me for feedings and even helped with the supplemental feedings the Doctors recommended. Funny, I don’t recall much of the first night home except for the photographs and Ewbliette buying us a half dozen towels.

Ack I just had to share this pic, unlovely though it may be. Poor little devil looks like he just realized what a crazy family he was born into!

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