Goth Nipples


I have been too overwhelmed to post my breastfeeding dramas, but I needed to share.  Naturally, I plan to nurse Tyoma exclusively for the first six months and I ambitiously hope to continue for one whole year. Breastfeeding impacts your child for the rest of their lives–you nourish them emotionally as well as physically. I will persevere! Well anyway, after a few extra days in the hospital with attendant  nursing problems, I returned home and developed a painful case of mastitis.

Did I say painful?  Mastitis? Heh. Mastitis gave me chills and weakness, but thrush? Thrush is painful.  The antibiotics I took for mastitis gave me thrush. What a ridiculous chain of events. Two weeks ago on a Saturday night thrush hit me–like a heart attack in each nipple. I liked to have died. Bless ice-packs and Diflucan. And bless my doctor who rushed to help my agonized self at nine in the evening on a weekend.

twinsTwo weeks on the anti-fungals have passed, and I am still itchy/burny so I called my lactation consultant for help. She suggested more Diflucan and painting my nipples with Gentian Violet. Gentian Violet is like iodine, except it is purple-black and it smears and stains everything. My bras, shirts, sheets, towels, washcloths, and mysteriously, even the dog blankets bear purple splotches.

The gentian violet works though–better than the diflucan. You need to be half mad to use it though, since you paint it on after nursing, dry with a hairdryer, and wash it off before you nurse again, repeating 3 times daily. My breasts seem to need as much care as my newborn! Who’d of thunk?!

Since I have lost all modesty with the birth and breastfeeding, I’m tempted to post a pic of my grotesque deep-purple girls for your amusement and horror. But I  restrain myself!

Egor observed me painting my poor monstrously distended bits and laughed, “You’ve got Goth Nipples!” That struck me as being outrageously funny.  Alas!

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