What a miserable night! One problem with a woman taking antibiotics is a yeast infection. Thankfully, I haven’t had one of those in years. Until now. Did you know that yeast infections can occur in a breastfeeding mom’s nipples? I’d heard of the dreaded nipple infection, thrush, from a former co-worker who struggled with it for four months. It agonized her.

Out of fear I gobbled acidophilus tablets and guzzled yogurt. I suspect that I have been developing an infection since Wednesday, but it hit full force last night. Zow, what pain!

How can I describe it? Well, an eight on my pain scale–an intense shooting, stabbing pain that took my breath away. Imagine shards of glass shoved by the handful into meaty flesh. Gasp. Stagger.

Ibuprofen could not take off the edge of it. I slept with ice packs pressed to my chest and still sweated in agony nonetheless. Unbelievable!

My doctor rescued my miserable self with a prescription for a powerful (topical) anti-fungal late yesterday evening. Although the medication didn’t stop the infection in its tracks, the ice-packs she recommended allowed me to sleep. Whew!

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