The shivering started at nine in the evening and continued  with increasing violence until two a.m. I could hardly walk from the nursery to Egor’s bedroom.  I woke him and he took my temperature and made me hot tea. Revived, I consulted our medical library and diagnosed myself with mastitis.

Breast pain? Check. Chills? Check. Fever? Check. Headache? Check. And so on. First thing in the morning I called Greta Granola who confirmed my suspicions. She enumerated self-care instructions and promised to call in the afternoon.  I shook and sweat all day. She ultimately called in an antibiotic prescription for me. This sucks. The last thing I wanted was to take meds while breastfeeding. Both Greta and baby’s pediatrician reassured me that I can still  nurse with this antibiotic. I feel miserable.

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