Consulting with the Lactation Expert

great dayToday Egor, Tyoma and I visited our lactation consultant, Greta Granola. She visited me my third day in the hospital. Breastfeeding was super painful and difficult, leaving me swollen, bruised, and bleeding. At the time, she could find no problem with my latch and seemed a bit mystified over my complaints of pain.

I still hurt and it’s getting worse. So, I needed to see her. I was rather nervous about the appointment, since I had the feeling that she would be judgmental toward me. Sometimes mother-of-the-earth types take exception to aging-goth types. I remind myself, regardless of the make up we did (or did not!) wear in our younger years,we both want nursing to work for me.

She wound up being sweet and helpful. What I took as distance at the hospital was perhaps concern for my breastfeeding future. I learned a bit about my latch and had a very comfortable experience with her. Egor was utterly bored and skulked behind her, looking at his watch surreptitiously. I hope that her suggestions clear up my problems I was having so I can wean myself from the breast pump.

I want to do nursing right for my baby boy!

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