Liev’s First Appointment

Southwest by Santa Fe

Today we took Liev for his first pediatrician appointment. The hardest part was getting comfortable in the waiting room. Dr. Candy Coppola recently moved to a new location, and with it came new furniture. Her Southwestern decor is quite tasteful but  an odd choice.  She clearly duplicated a trendy page from Santa Fe magazine, right down to the Navajo rugs and carved hardwood furniture.  It resembled an upscale dental office more than a waiting room for kids and families.

 Actually, her new furniture would be an unusual choice for any doctor’s office. The bulky, angular bench was as unpleasant as stone to sit on. Looked swell, though. Strangely, the toys looked shabby and overused. I wondered about the priorities of the decorator.

The problem wasn’t entirely the furniture. My poor lady parts ached after giving birth. I could not sit down!  The couches had no cushions, and even a stack of Highlights magazines gave no relief. I had to ask the receptionist for an office chair to sit on. With surprise, she told me that no one had mentioned the uncomfortable seats before. I would have been offended if they had been in their new location for more than a week. As it was, I gave her a wan smile and gratefully sat down.

Egor quickly became bored with the wait and began rolling his eyes and making faces. At least he wasn’t moaning, “Skuchna!”  (“Boring”) in a deep baritone. The nurse, Lupe,  who took us to the exam room managed to pronounce Liev’s name correctly the first time. She weighed him and Dr. Coppola joined us. She fielded questions for the next half hour, encouraging us to call the nurse if we have any questions. I wonder if she knows how neurotic I am. Heh.

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