Misty Care Sheet For Dad

Dad! Here’s everything you need to know for Misty and our House while everyone is at the hospital:



We feed Misty in the morning after we have eaten (she usually won’t eat before since she wants our food instead!). She gets a can of dog food and two scoops of dry food mixed with a treat. 
Problem Foods
Avoid giving Misty eggs, milk products (including creamy soups, sour cream & yogurt), almonds, walnuts, pecans, and chocolate.
Misty is fine with peanuts, all meats, bread, grains. She can have a small number of beans and cheese (Velveeta cheese slices) without a problem. You can give her as much doggie biscuits as you like, she tolerates them well.
Tummy Trouble
If you think Misty has tummy trouble, three things seem to help:
  • Give her broth to drink, about ¼ of a cup every half hour to replace fluids. If you think she needs some energy, a spoon or two of honey is helpful.
  • No people treats for two days (a few doggie treats are fine).
  • Wait at least six/eight hours after her last bout of sickness to feed her. Skip the dry dog food and give her one can of dog food, you can give her another six/eight hours later.
Sometimes Misty forgets to drink enough water. Filling a quart jar with fresh water in front of her seems to help. On a very hot day, you might want to keep her in during the hottest hours. She will chase lizards until she drops!


Late Night Restlessness
If Misty rams around late at night (11pm-3am), wanting outside, chances are her stomach is upset. She usually wants to go outside to eat a mess of grass– not to be sick. The grass she eats will cause vomiting. Watch her very carefully outside, she is terribly sneaky about grass eating. After a walk or two outside, we usually keep her in and toss a special “barf carpet” by the door if she gets sick.
If she doesn’t seem interested in sneaking away from you to eat grass, she might want to hunt neighborhood cats–especially if her tail and ears are up. This usually happens around the full moon.
Misty might want outside around dawn (430am on). This is normal.
Doggie Meds
We will give you some doggie calm meds for Misty. The dosage is ¼ tablet, although she can take up to one whole tablet. We have never given her more than ¼ tablet in a twelve-hour period. The tabs seem to take 3 hours to reach maximum effectiveness (they might not seem to work at all till then!), and then they last for another four to eight hours.
When we leave for the hospital, we will leave you a note/message with the time of the last dosage we gave her to keep you from dosing her too soon. You don’t need to give her any more meds unless you choose to. In fact, she may be just fine and not need any until we are ready to bring her home. We’ll give you a call to dose her a few hours before I come home.
Misty’s Vet:            Dr. Calista 525-1000
                                    1080 Medpark Drive
Other House Stuff
You are welcome to come on over and watch DVDs on our TV. I’ll leave you detailed instructions and hopefully have things set up for you.
You don’t need to worry about mail or the lights, but you are welcome to check on each.
Sunroom Flooding
  • If the water is more than halfway up the sunroom floor, turn off the breaker switch to the sunroom. The switch will be marked in the laundry room.
  • We will leave our pump hooked up so all you need to do is plug it in if it floods. Plug the pump into the outlet with the blue tape on it. Or use the extension cord if the room is too flooded. Be sure to use chairs to keep the cord connections out of the water if you use the extension cord.
  • The pump will need time to prime itself, this can take five-ten minutes. You can hasten the process by priming it in a basin filled with water that we will leave nearby.
  • We will leave towels out in case you need them. If we forget, they are located on a cube shelf in the big closet in our bedroom (the one with the door on the south wall). Please don’t worry about cleaning up anything. E will be happy to have something to do when he comes home!

 Yay! Thank you!

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