>The Name Has Been Chosen


Here are the finalists for our little boy’s name:

  1. Timur
  2. Artyom
  3. Liev
  4. Ruslan 
  5. Aristarh 
  6. Valentin

Our goal was to choose an ethnic Russian name over any iteration of popular American names. Why? Well, to honor papa’s heritage. And of course, having the same name as somebody else is boring. You might fit in better as a Michael, Jacob or John, but I think already it’s too late for the little guy. E and I never fit in, so I reckon he’ll be unconventional as well.

I personally did not want a Christian name. Both of us are agnostic and I felt insincere bestowing a Biblical name for that reason.  But his beloved Grandmother was named Valentina, thus Valentin. On our final list, E nixed Valentin because of Val Kilmer. I kid you not.  I think he took Top Gun way too seriously.

We also nexed Timur, one of my favorites, due to it’s strong Islamic use (agnostic perogative). Liev and Ruslan are wya cool, but my tummy has an A in it. Aristarh or Artyom? Ari or Tyoma? Tyoma.  That sounds so sweet on the lips. We have a winner!


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