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Twelve years ago Tennisfiend and I met for the first time! The anniversary always makes the holiday extra special J
As expected, the weather was traditional Forth of July–dreary, muggy, rainy with poor visibility. When I was a kid , this annual weather phenomena was a bane neighborhood children. It frequently affected our viewing of the local fireworks, or worse, it postponed or even prevented our own firework displays. Nowadays, they have seriously restricted firework usage, so all the fun stuff is prohibited. How many kids actually blow their fingers off, anyway? Oh, yeah, my cousin. He lost the tips of several fingers.

Our problem in ‘Cruces is weather related. Except for today, it has been very hot and extremely dry. Thus aerial fireworks and even firecrackers have been banned. If I were a kid, I would be prostrate with grief. I loved blowing stuff up. We never spared an anthill, mailbox or stray soda can. On the bright side, Misty is relieved. Fireworks seriously freak her out.

Tonight Tennisfiend and I enjoyed a very low key evening. We ate delicious ribeye steak that TF grilled along with mushrooms and taters (none for me). We also had some wine–well I had some faux wine–and went out front to watch the city fireworks. Usually, we would go on the roof, but my pregnant self is certainly not climbing a ladder and scuttling about on a steep incline. It was difficult to find a comfortable place to sit where we could also see the display, but with the help of some pillows and the hood of the Taurus, we managed.

The city spent more on fireworks than usual this year. I can’t decide if it was because of the firework ban or upcoming elections. I imagined how spectacular the display must have been from Pat’s place. His house is adjacent to the park when they shoot everything off. Something fun is always happening at Brotherkurts! Whew, I’m tired. That’s all for now!

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