>Spelunking with Ewbliette


I paid a visit to Ewbliette tonight to drop off accoutrements for this weekend’s gaming party. She and Brotherkurt took an exciting trip to Carlsbad Caverns over the Easter break, and I found myself showered with Carlsbad goodies.

She bought me the coolest petroglyph tee shirt (co-opted by Tennisfiend!) and a miniature replica of the main cavern complete with built in eerie glow. I also walked away with a bunch of trail mix, minus the bat guano, of course.

Yay! What a great friend. We spent most of the time gabbing about her caving experience, which included cave etiquette. I suppose “Don’t poop in the cave” is a no-brainer, but I was surprised that the rangers confiscate chewing gum and only permit plain bottled water in the park. We discussed every horror story ever written about caves and on the drive home I imagined myself editing a book on subterranean horrors. Alas!

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