>Hey Asshol!


Have you ever watched a foreign movie with characters whose names translate obscenely into English?

Saturday, Tennisfiend and I watched Scarlet Sails, a predictable and sugary sweet adaptation of a traditional Russian fairytale. The main character is a naive and (unintentionally) delusional seventeen year old girl named “Asshol.” Although IMDB spells her name “Assol,” the subtitles added an h which, along with the distinctive pronunciation, sent me into an 87 minute Beavis and Butthead paroxysm.

Perhaps because of her name, every scene seemed to include at least one character shouting “Asshooooool!” across an expansive meadow of wildflowers. When they introduced a kindly old man named “Doushe,” I though that I might die of laughter-induced tummy cramps. Initially offended, Tennisfiend joined in my mirth during the last 45 minutes of the film. Hee!

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