>Getting It Out of My System


I don’t like to write about my worries, but sometimes I find that I can write nothing until I address them somehow. So, dammit, I’m going to get this over with by listing what’s been bothering me of late.

  1. I’m damn tired. My doctor ordered blood tests to check for problems (i.e. anemia, since I hate green freakin’ leafy vegetables). Everything came back fine, but I am such a hypochondriac that I stressed myself needlessly for two whole days. Sheesh.
  2. My serious conversation with Mother two weeks ago about her seeing a doctor for a simple check up (she hasn’t had one in many years) did no good. She is already backing away and making ridiculous excuses. I could pull out all of my hair, plus some of hers, too.
  3. Tennisfiend’s younger brother is having some serious health problems in Russia. Andrei’s condition is not life threatening, yet his quality of life has been dealt a serious blow. Poor kid.
  4. Petty annoyances have been conspiring to bombard me all at once. I’ve had my fill of Netflix shipping problems, insurance company incompetence and those check loosing fools at Wells Fargo. And if one more f***** from the police/fire/sheriff association calls to pressure me into another donation, I’m going to commit a crime just to spite them.

Whew. All done, I feel much better. On the bright side, Tennisfiend and I finally bought a new TV for New Years. We wound up buying a modest HDTV instead of the lottery-winning monstrosity we lusted after two month ago. A quick call to Comcast and we added a small handful of HDTV stations to our programming.

Our first morning with the new TV set up, we gazed slack-mouthed at Discovery HD’s Sunrise Earth, which featured an hour of nature footage in the Florida Everglades. It was so serene; I expected to be euthanized any second

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