I never made it to the store with Ewbliette on Friday. Neverthless, she arrived wearing her festive Cossack Santa cap, cheerful as ever. After twenty minutes of gossip, she snatched my shopping list and left me and my greasy hair to watch (heaven help me) Ben Stiller comedies on TV. Bless her for doing my shopping!

Egor came home early from work after a riotous afternoon office party. He cuddled with me on the couch as we watched more mindless comedy. Saturday I felt a bit sorry for myself. I missed out on a fair amount of holiday fun, including movie marathons, parties, Christmas light excursions and most importantly, caroling with , and company. I hadn’t even set up our New Year’s tree. Sigh. A perfect remedy for the blues always includes chocolate (stomach be damned) and sunshine.

So I took advantage of the 75 degree weather and prostrated myself in the backyard to watch Tennisfiend work on his tan. 🙂 In the evening we finally put up our squat but ample tree. Being sick had one advantage, Tennisfiend indulged my tree-decorating preferences. Every year we squabble over the ratio of decorations to tree-space. I fancy a tree that strains under the weight of its ornaments, while he prefers a tree so austere that it looks forest-bound.

This year we used all six strings of lights and eight colossal boxes of bulbs. When we finished, our shiny sparkly tree could be confidently exhibited on the Las Vegas strip. I felt quite proud. Sunday, we had a Christmas miracle! I woke up before noon and I made waffles. I even fixed an abbreviated Holiday dinner of roasted rabbit. We fed Misty treats all day long unfortunately making her ill by evening. I totally sympathized and brought her up on the couch to finish watching the Christmas marathon of evolution related programming on the Science Channel. Yay cephalapsis and homo erectus!

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