Sick Week


  • Saturday evening, I began to feel unwell.
  • Monday my mommy took me to the doctor.
  • Tuesday I graduated from feeling ill in bed to feeling ill on the couch. Mom brought over meals for tennisfiend. Ewbliette visited and polished our kitchen to a shine I could never aspire to.
  • Wednesday I was still couch bound, but bored. I did some crossword puzzles in the late afternoon. Devoted and still in a mood to clean, Ewbliette visited again to spread good cheer and to help around the house (I love her, very, very much).
  • Today I made feeble attempts to return to my usual routine. I checked my email, paid some bills. Under a warm sun, I wheezed around the backyard and drew a primitive but recognizable picture of Misty.
  • Tomorrow Ewbliette will take me shopping, even if I have to ride in a go-cart. I plan on wearing my fuzzy brown sweater, reindeer antlers and bright red lipstick.

I hope Santa will be generous to all of you celebrating Christmas this weekend. Our big celebration and gift exchange is on New Years Eve (Russian tradition). For recovery and holiday madness, I will take a brief hiatus from journaling. Happy Holidays!

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