>Construction Worker Surprise


A few days ago I was torn away from work by the sound of Misty’s “Intruder!!!” bark. Stomping around importantly behind our property, two workmen measured and marked with stakes and flags. The attractive tall blond one noticed me and shouted incomprehensibly, waving. This drove Misty into a saliva-spaying apoplectic fit. While I held her back, the blond fellow continued to talk. Distracted by Misty’s writhing and snarling, I had to ask him to repeat himself, twice.

I finally realized that the poor fellow had a dreadful stammer. I did not want to embarrass him further, so I only half understood what was said. Someone was going to do something to our telephone pole this Saturday.

Saturday morning after Tennis Fiend left to conquer the scoundrels from Silver City in a charity tennis match, I put my hair up in hot rollers and made tea. At 9:20 the doorbell rang. Expecting a generic construction worker I nonchalantly answered the door. Apparently, El Paso Electric hires workmen based entirely on physical beauty. “Manny,” as his name tag read, was a dead ringer for Christian Bale.

He smiled warmly and said, “Miss, we need access to your back yard to…..” I don’t even remember what he said, except he called me “Miss.” It was my turn to stammer, “Uhnhh, sure. I-I-I’ll go unlock the, uhhhh, back gate.” Immediately I went to the bathroom and wiped off the three white dots of Oxy-10 speckling my face and tossed a towel over my rollers. Sheesh.

Our back yard was then invaded by the handsomest work crew I have ever seen. Tall, athletic, and graced with perfect teeth, Manny’s three co-workers smiled and smiled. They smiled at me, they smiled at my astonished neighbor Sioux and they even smiled at Misty, barking at the window. Aware of their effect on womankind, the quartet enjoyed their moment with panache. As they strutted about their business, I almost expected them to take off their shirts and do a little dance for us.

Twenty minutes later as I washed dishes, I heard Sioux laughing girlishly–she had made coffee for everyone and was chatting up Michael Vartan. The downside of the Electric Company visit was a day without power. I should lament our culture’s dependence on electricity and fossil fuel, or even my own unhealthy addiction to the internet and Comcast cable, but I haven’t the heart. Instead I reflect on how delightful and silly it is to be human.

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