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Rodoyo enhances Ewbliette’s dignity with bunny ears.
Rodoyo stifles a laugh while enjoying his homemade desert pizza.
A fellow Werner Herzog fan, Klaus traditionally follows his Thanksgiving dinner with “Aguirre, Wrath of God.”
Brad Dourif’s long lost younger brother showed up for pizza, Kalua and a roll of flying paper towels.
Our Den Mother and reality check matron, Razzy.
Yours truly.Last night we threw a surprise birthday party for Ewbliette. Her sweetie, brotherkurt began party planning two weeks ago, delighting Rodoyo and I immeasurably. Shopping with him this Tuesday was a riot, I laughed so much my bladder is still weak. Big Lots will never be the same again.

After buying last minute decorations, I realized that mylar balloon manufacturers must have a perverted sense of humor. Strategically placed on the balloon’s abdomen, the air valve resembled a perky pastel penis. If the religious right finds out, my amateur photos might gain notoriety on Fox News as an example of the debauchery and godlessness amongst New Mexican partygoers.
Anyway, never underestimate the decorating powers of duct tape, wrapping paper, rocks and shiny ribbons. Guided by Rodoyo, our decorating squad transformed Brother Kurt’s home into a purple and silver paradise (sadly, my decoration pics never turn out.

We were so efficient that we finished decorating twenty minutes early. Then we theorized how to maximize the surprise factor for Ewbliette. But before we had a chance to take our shirts off and paint letters on our bellies, their car pulled up in the driveway, so we hid instead. I am pleased to report that we did more than surprise her; we managed to startle her into an involuntary terrified shriek.

I’ll leave the remaining exciting details for Ewbliette to recount (she will probably be incommunicado till Tuesday). So here’s a few snap shots, feel free to stir up trouble by alerting your local relgious fanatics.

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