>Ewbliette is the Birthday Queen


Happy Birthday Ewbliette!!!
Initially I wrote a birthday song to the tune of Abba’s “Dancing Queen,” but it was embarassingly corny. Imagine how teeth-gratingly awful it must have been for me to consider this my superior verse: 
(sung to the tune of that “Mother” song)
E is for the “Eeeeeee!” you scream at scary spiders.
W is for the Wine coolers we drank behind A mountain.
B is for the “Bitch” in Sexy Bitches.
L is for the Laughter we will share forever.
I is for the “I” in “I love you, man.”
E is for the Enquirer we read aloud while eating nachos.
T is for the Tomato sauce you order on the side.
T is for the Taro Chips on your bathroom floor.
E is for the Evil deeds we carry out together.
Lah, lah , lah, something something, something else…..You Rock!

(Check your email!)

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