Dinner Will Be Served at 11:54 p.m.


To Do List:
  1. Bake Marie Calander’s Dutch Apple Pie (my own resemble pre-school art projects).
  2. Call Mom in a panic and ask her to pick up vanilla ice cream at Walgreens.
  3. Make stuffing for turkey.
  4. Stuff and truss turkey.
  5. Finish orange yam dish.
  6. Fret over turkey while roasting, once every 30 minutes.
  7. Put extra leaf in table.
  8. Wash dishes or put in garage with a towel over them.
  9. Set table.
  10. Make gravy, lumps be damned.
  11. Call Ewbliette for a reality check (she’s also doing her family’s dinner, and she will have three times the guests).
  12. Be very grateful that Tennis Fiend does not mind vacuuming or mopping the floors.

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