>A Bit of Vexation


Thanksgiving is Tennis Fiend’s favorite holiday so we will celebrate with the traditional meal, substituting apple pie for pumpkin (he hates pumpkin pie). Since I was planning on fixing the big dinner anyway, I invited my folks to join us. Sigh.
After shopping Monday afternoon, Mom and I had an unpleasant heart-to-heart about aging. In essence, she was distressed because she could not host this year’s dinner due to hip pain. (Two years ago, she injured her hip and she has refused to see a doctor. After a profusion of frustrating and futile conversations, I am exhausted by her never-ending rationalizations and excuses for not getting help.)  To cheer her up, I made plans with her to come over Wednesday afternoon to prep for Thursday’s feast. Sigh.
I’ll post the pleasant and funny side of our afternoon later, it wasn’t really that bad. But now, I’m aggravated. Anyway, I believe that her entire reason for coming over was to make me feel like I was six years old. I understood that she was irritable and her hip hurt her, but I hate to be bossed around, especially in my own home. Nevertheless, I held my tongue for the first hour while she told me exactly how she did everything to prepare her Thanksgiving dinner, vaguely implying that I was a total idiot who couldn’t boil water.
In forty minutes, I ran out of “Uh-huhs,” “Oh, reallys” and “I sees.” I turned on the oven fan and worked nearby to make my silence less noticeable (I am way too nice). Then she said the thing that really pissed me off. I mentioned that I might need to go to the store to pick up more cranberries. Indignant that I should go to the store the day before a holiday, she sternly said, “You are not going out. The stores will be too crowded.”
I flipped (well, for me). I told her that it was not her place to tell me whether or not I should go to the store. It wasn’t so much what I said, it was the way I said it. For an instant, I was the biggest, bitchiest demon in hell right down to the flaming eyeballs and crimson skin. Lordy, I was angry. Mom responded immediately, she apologized and explained that she meant that she would not go to the store on such a day. She went out of her way to be sweet to me for the rest of the afternoon.  

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