That lingering feeling of malaise that muddled my brain over the weekend finally turned into a series of forceful sneezes yesterday morning. By late afternoon my head was swimming; it was time to quit working and watch movies. As usual, feeling unwell=horror movies. Fortunately, two unwatched horror movies remained from our weekend trip to Hollywood Video. (No spoilers)
Amityville 2005. I should know better than to rent popular horror. Seriously. Tedious and trite, its only redeeming factor was the uncanny resemblance that the lead, Ryan Reynolds, bore to .
Blood Dolls. I chose this offering from Full Moon Pictures over Dr. Moreau’s House of Pain believing it would be more Tennis Fiend friendly. He watched the entire movie stone-faced and serious, as if Blood Dolls was an arthouse film that required personal interpretation and reflection. At the end, his single comment: “How strange.” I laughed my butt off throughout, and considered how fun it would be to watch with a group of like-minded friends.

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