>Veteran’s Day


My initial plans for Veteran’s Day included hiking with and Mukor, but when Tennis Fiend decided to take off a half a day to go shopping with me, I cancelled in a flash. Tennis Fiend hates shopping, but agreed to spend a half day inspecting televisions. At long last, we hoped to replace our tiny multi-system TV with a ten foot projection-LCD-DLP-plasma-HDTV behemoth.
After hours of lingering over the unattainable devices at Sam’s Club, Best Buy and Pat Goff’s, we left defeated. Big ole TVs cost big ole bucks. However, if we win the lottery, we know exactly which 60 inch Sony DLP rear projection TV to buy. To console ourselves, we took a late lunch at a restaurant recommended by Ewbliette.
A special circle in hell needs to exist for people who loudly discuss gastro-intestinal surgical procedures at restaurants. If Dante were alive he would share my vision: the offender stands waist deep in a dense pond of raw warm oysters. A legion of fiends circle the pond, variously afflicted with emphysema, tuberculosis, bronchitis, and bad manners. For all eternity, the offender must swallow raw oysters from his pond while listening to the fiends cough up colossal loogies. Blah.

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