Nukestock 2005

Mukor (L), our host as Baby Cthulhu and my BFF as the Dead C.

I am pleasantly surprised that a few photos from Nukestock turned out. Unfortunately, I was unable to do justice to the spectacular decorations created by Robert, Delphine, Mukor and company. Enjoy!

Lizard and Countess Light.
Tony’s lovely fiancee. What great hair! I have requested her to be my future wig consultant.
Kevin with a sparkler. I was so entranced by folks playing with sparklers, I took dozens of photos, but this is the only one that turned out. Despite the number of red wigs at the party, Kevin’s locks are all natural (envy, envy!). BTW, he makes excellent mead. Also, isn’t he a great combo of Crispin Glover and Danny Elfman!
Pastafarians unite! The Flying Spaghetti Monster has finally arrived! Delightful and clever costume!
To busy with lasers to dress up, Chris decided to come as “A Normal Person.” Horrors!
Rrrraaawr! The Dead C is mighty miffed I drank her Mimosa! Actually, I drank all her Mimosas!
Yours truly as the Red C. I should call this the Traveling Costume. The top traveled north, the skirt cruised towards the equator and the cape voyaged into the back of my red fishnet tights! Thank heavens for Patricia’s sharp eyes!!!

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