Red Sea and Dead Sea

I imagine several people are feeling rather hung-over from last night’s revelry at Nukestock. Nukestock, the annual Halloween gala hosted by Kurt, is a four-day affair that brings college and RPG buddies together from several states. Each year Kurt selects a theme and his posse pulls together a small festival featuring a costume contest, scavenger hunt, trivia game, cookout, good-natured hilarity and other delightful activities. In college, a hundred people would show up for his famous parties, which once came with impressive pyrotechnics and exploding televisions.

Pat will be supplying the majority of new details after she recovers from her duty as this year’s festival hostess. Anyway, I will gladly provide a few details about our plans for this evening (I should mention that the theme of this year’s bash is a Cthulhu Mythos inspired “Year of the Cephalopod,” which involves all things oceanic. Kurt has transformed his home into an unbelievable undersea domain. I hope to capture pics to share. Forgive me, I digress.).

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