Eye of the Beholder

After writing/editing most of the day, my brain quivers at the idea of stringing together another intelligible sentence. So, how ’bout a list? The following books are in my bedside reading stash:
M.S. Freeman.

    1. A Treasury for Word Lovers,


  • Stalin



  • One Dimentional Man,



  • The Street of Crocodiles,



  • Nightmare Factory,



  • The Lazarus Syndrome



  • TheWord Museum,



  • Million Word Crossword Dictionary,
  • Five word-puzzle books in various stages of completion, my electronic dictionary and our digital camera handbook.



S. Newman & D. Stark.

J. Kacirk.

, R. Davies

Thomas Ligotti.

Bruno Schulz.

Herbert Marcuse

, Edvard Radzinsky.

What we’re having for dinner:

  1. Slow cooked country style ribs.
  2. Coleslaw.
  3. Fancy bread from Albertons’, heated in the oven as if it was mine.
  4. Roasted Garlic (I did nine heads so I don’t need to screw around with this for a while).
  5. Sapporo beer, left over from my sushi date with Ewbliette.


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