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Blah. Still sick today. Sadly, I haven’t the mental energy to read, but I did I burn through my Netflix cue and even a few TV movies. I’m pleased to report that Ravenous was quite an agreeable cannibalism movie, and it put me in the mood for a horror movie marathon. For the hundredth time I scrutinized my movie collection and recalled that I never buy anything that I can find at Hollywood video (exceptions being Willard, Dead Man and any Tim Burton film). To satisfy my horror craving, I would have to haul my feverish achy self to the video store.

Anyway, at Hollywood Video, I picked out a classic double feature, Village of the Damned and Children of the Damned. Conceding to the new release aisle, I added The Ring Two to my selections. For a foreign movie, I chose Takashi Miike’s Gozu. Regretfully, opted to leave Frankenfish and The Jackhammer Murderer behind, instead preferring Asylum of the Damned (I love mental institution horror movies). Finally, my crowning movie choice: the Re-Animator. I’ve been seeing too much of Dr. West lately to resist another viewing.

I was surprised to be checked out by a genuine Stepford wife; complete with a white ribbon tied sweetly around her blonde bouffant-pony tail. She was all eyes and fingernails. When I asked her to please check my DVDs for scratches, she fumbled anxiously with each disc and then scrutinized them carefully. She vigilantly cleaned two discs, much to the annoyance of the man behind me. I was charmed. Although she won’t replace Henry Rollins’ younger brother as my favorite Hollywood employee, she will definitely be favorite employee number two.

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