>Rainy Day


Today I celebrated my recovery from the tummy flu by fixing bacon and whole grain waffles for breakfast. The bacon smelled wonderful and tasted even better. Yum. Three days of soup and crackers and I feel like an inmate at Sing-Sing! What a life.

When I left for my job appointment, it started to rain. And then it started to hail. Hard. I feared for my recently replaced windshield. I feared for my fading windshield wipers. I even feared for my poor, failing car stereo. I arrived safely; my stereo did not. Sigh.

Anyway, no work for me. Columbus Day. D’oh! Since I already spent the gas money driving into town, I stopped at the nearby Wal-Mart. Waiting in the car for the rain/hail to subside, I was jolted by a tremendous thunk. A stray shopping cart had collided forcefully into the passenger side door. Minimal damage, except for rattled nerves.

Wal-Mart was overcrowded. I wondered if everyone else had forgotten the holiday and decided to make the most of being in this part of town as well. The lines were incredibly long and strangely silent; everyone seemed tense and preoccupied. As I wheeled groceries to my truck, the rain resumed with vigor. After unloading, I irritably hauled my cart to the closest corral, as if to make a point to the person whose stray cart startled me earlier. The rain fell in sheets as I drove home. It continued to pour as I pulled into the driveway, but it seemed friendlier than the Wal-Mart rain. Getting soaked was rather pleasant.

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