>Hickory House


Monday, I accomplished an incredible feat. In less than five minutes, I transformed our entire house into a rustic ski lodge. How did I manage this? Claude’s Brisket Marinade. I slow-cooked a Claude’s-marinated brisket sealed in aluminum foil. When I opened the foil package, a gust of super-concentrated hickory smoke essence belched out. The smell of wood smoke permeated the entire house in an instant. Initially, this was quite appetizing. However, two hours after dinner, not so much. Our Solaris-esque home was redolent of every ski lodge and log cabin in New Mexico.

This morning most of the odor had fortunately dissipated. It will be at least a year before I make brisket again. At noon I received some pleasant news, I might have a position as a technical writer for a local research and development company. Since I am on hiatus from my work as a psychiatric rehabilitation specialist, I welcomed the opportunity. Maybe all those years at science fairs finally paid off! To celebrate, tomorrow I will  finally see The Corpse Bride with mom and dad.

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