People Watching

Sunday malaise gripped me. At noon I decided to force activity upon myself lest I spend the day staring at the dog. A trip to Barnes and Noble  was just what I needed.

Surprisingly,  big glossy Hurricane Katrina paperbacks populated bookshelves. The slick publications seemed especially mercenary, all things considered. It took ten minutes in the puzzle section to restore my good humor. A delightful book begged to come home with me–The Most Brilliant Thoughts of All Time — by John Shanaham. I love quote books!

After the bookstore, I decided to stroll the mall and people-watch. Since it was Sunday, the inevitable church  population paraded. I am not a religious person, nor do I value evidence of one’s piety, but the clusters of well-dressed hand-holding senior citizens charmed me completely. Four entire soccer teams frolicked with macho vigor while their parents crouched by fading tropical mall-plants. Shrieking ten-year-olds overran the Halloween Bootique fraying already ugly synthetic wigs into knotted abominations. Although the pandemonium cut short my visit to the Bootique, I realized that if I were there with one other person, I too would be dashing about, shrieking, “Look at this, look at this!”

An hour of walking and watching cheered me immensely. I eavesdropped on two goth girls at Hot Topic–I do not lament the tinyness of Hot Topic tee-shirts alone! An elderly gentleman surreptitiously tickled his serious white haired companion at J.C. Penney’s. I joined the spectators at the Aquasagge, and shared a laugh over a soccer mom’s squeals of delight and surprise. I left the mall feeling happier, and in the perfect mood to peruse my new book of quotes.

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