Waiting For The Phone To Ring…

Well, he’s off. has left for a five-day field trip in Casper, Wyoming. Sigh.

He flew into Denver and drove the  four hours to Casper since the only other air transport is a glorified crop duster that can’t fly on windy days. As I wait for the “I’ve arrived safely” call, I have two morbid fates to neurotically contemplate–the usual airplane crash inferno and the improbable (but deadly) freeway flip-over accident. Needless to say, I avoid watching Fox News when he travels.


Yay! He called! His voice is like hearing a beloved, but long forgotten song. Yay! His trip went well except for the urinal-cake-mobile that Hertz rented him. The rental car was apparently infused with an unsavory combination of air freshener and sanitizer. To compensate, fate created an unexpected room shortage at the hotel, thus E received an upgrade to a super-mega-ultra-suite. Yay!

Well, I’m off to ruminate over the expectant horde of rapists, burglars and dog abusers who have been waiting for his departure to perpetrate their foul crimes. Sigh.

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