Singin’ A Song

As I organized the multitude or washers, nuts, bolts and screws associated with our Big Fence Project in our garage,  I heard the Taurus pull up in the driveway. Being in a jolly mood, I sang an improvised “La Cucaracha,” expressing my joy over E’s arrival home and tonight’s dinner menu.

Without a thought to his being home over forty-five minutes early, I trotted out to greet him at the front door (still singing loudly).

Instead of a smiling husband, I encountered the cringing boyfriend of our neighbor Sioux. Apparently he was re-positioning his motorcycle trailer and needed to temporarily park her Taurus in our driveway. The poor fellow was red-faced with embarrassment for me.

I laughed and waved. Sioux is well accustomed to my goofy antics–I swear I’ve heard muffled laughter at my vocalizations of “The Broom Song” and “Diggity-Doggy Diarrhea.” I hope her guy recovers from his shock.  I’ll compose something special for him this weekend to mark the occasion.

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