After The Downpour

Preparing for new fish!

Step one: Sterilize the aquarium. I bombed the aquarium with every medication I could think of since hauling it out to the driveway to scrub everything with Kosher salt was impractical.

Step Two: Siphon out the old water. The yucky old water was transported to the drain at the back of the house with our fancy siphon/garden hose contraption we bought a year ago when we were moving.

Step Three: Holy Crap! It’s not supposed to rain!!! It rained. I mean it RAINED. The sunroom flooded. The bedroom closet flooded. Our back porch area became–a lake. When I opened up the back door, water whooshed in, practically floating Misty’s water bowl away. Water was even pouring through her dog door! As the water level rose, I was praying that E would be home before it reached the living room carpet! Fortunately, the rain dwindled away and E dashed home, rescuing the carpet. Nevertheless, the sunroom was filled with a mixture of murky rain and foul aquarium water.

What a mess! And yet, how amusing as well. Ironically, we used the monster siphon contraption to suck the water out of the sunroom–we were sure to put the hose outlet far away from the drain!

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