Water Damage

We spent most of the early morning bailing water out of the sun room with an assortment of towels, mop buckets, and a garden hose-powered siphon. The rain was beyond torrential.

Driving to Lowe’s in the afternoon, the damage to our local roads shocked me. Landscaping gravel speckled the street, arroyos silted up intersections, and even E’s work was flooded with three inches of water. What an ungodly mess!

On top of that, the plumbing in the bathroom is acting up again. We were flooded (again) over the weekend when the water supply in the main bathroom broke overnight and soaked everything. The worst part is the smell–sickly sweet, like rest-home rooms and pungent rooibos tea.

There must be some secret, unwholesome process involved in constructing particle board bathroom vanities. Blah.

A reality check comes via Fox news. My problems are inconsequential. Mopping the floor versus waiting on a roof for a helicopter to drop me drinking water. I suppose everyone feels the same across the nation. Daily hassles frequently seem all consuming until you connect with others who cope with much worse. It’s humbling. I should make more of an effort to appreciate my life on a daily basis.

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