>A Week Of Friends: E


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A fixture in my daily life, E is prudent, unprejudiced, intelligent and just a little bit silly. A native of Moscow, Russia, E came to New Mexico on a student exchange with Moscow State University. We met at a Fourth of July celebration hosted by my folks. At the end of a riotous evening punctuated by an aerial rocket slamming into my mother’s ankle, I sent the handsome intellectual home with copies of Lord of the Flies and The Painted Bird. Poor fellow!

I ignored my father’s admonitions against fraternizing with the Russians, and began writing letters to the dashing E. When my parents left town I slyly arranged our first date, which was a fiasco. I wept loudly for the next three days, only to squeal ecstatically when he called to arrange a second date. It has been smooth sailing every since.

E loves tennis with a passion. He is often so captivated by matches that his disposition for days is reflective of either his jubilance over a Safin victory or his disappointment of a Sharapova loss. He is also an avid reader. Books from Russia stream to our home, judiciously selected by his erudite mother, Tatiana. His mother also exports captivating movies, of which I am an ardent fan.

E is also enjoys music. He plays both acoustic and electric guitar, and harmonica. Currently, he is contemplating purchasing a quality accordion, to replace the inexpensive one I bought for his birthday. Except for our shared love for Baroque, our musical tastes are generally incongruous. He prefers acoustic rock and lyrical artists while I prefer goth and industrial.

Our compendium of memorable experiences is too vast to describe; perhaps I will occasionally reminisce, keeping in mind that E is a very private person.

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